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car advertising

auto advertizing | vehicle decoration

Advertising on vehicles, consists of advertising company fleets, cars, vans, trucks, couriers, this type of advertising is called "Dynamic Advertising" or on the move and allows you to get great visibility with customers, their neighbors giving then the possibility of expand your business ...

web and social solution
Indicizzazione siti Internet Grafica web Treviso Realizzazione siti web Treviso

Web Site | Web Solutions

Web Marketing | SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Design, creation of websites, indexing on search engines, web portals, e-commerce. Visibility on search engines, this is the goal that every website should reach, our team of programmers and graphic designers will be able to advise you in order to reach the goal ...


Banner Advertising Banner - Print and Production

Street advertising banners, advertising banners, and yard drapes are just some of the types of advertising cloth we produce. The road banner, in particular, is the most effective way to promote exhibitions, fairs, promotions, sales and any other event that requires advertising...

car Wrapping Treviso
Car Wrapping Treviso Boat Wrapping Treviso Motorcycle Wrapping Treviso

Car Wrapping

Car Wrapping | Vehicle coating with adhesive film

Car Wrapping, or car wrapping with adhesive film, Microstudio, has been a leader in Car Wrapping since 1960.
The coating and the advertising decoration of cars, with adhesive films, has reached levels in some respects superior to the painting, moreover, if you are "tired", it is removable ...

Adhesive window stickers advertising

Advertising Window Stickers Adhesives and Advertising on showcases

Advertising on windows or adhesive "advertising stickers" are the perfect system to promote products, communicate discounts, advertise sales or simply insert the company logo on the points of sale...

Totems - Signs

Advertising Signs | Advertising Totems

Advertising through advertising, whether it is light or not luminous, is undoubtedly the queen of advertising media that a company can use to increase its business.

Advertising and graphics since 1960

Advertising agency - Microstudio Treviso

Advertising has become, in recent years, increasingly an integral part of everyday life, since 1960 Microstudio is an Advertising Agency that deals with giving visibility to the companies of Treviso, in the last two decades we have consolidated our organization with a network of trusted partners, all carefully chosen so as to always provide the best quality service possible, thanks to this "recipe" (which has made the "North East model" winning) we produce almost everything in the Advertising field, we install throughout Northern Italy , we produce and organize advertising installations practically everywhere.

Advertising and Digital Printing

The digital technologies we have available, allow the creation and the digital printing of advertising products such as: advertising banners, advertising totems, light advertising signs, but also stickers, which are applied on cars, allow us to transform your cars into advertising cars or vans in advertising vans, not to mention trucks and couriers, which lend themselves well to advertising decoration.