Tired of finding the hot car because parked under the sun?
The auto window darkening films reduce the heat up to 70%, from ultraviolet rays (UVA UVB) and make the car a protected place for you and your children!
The darkening of car windows, in fact, is the fastest and safest way to improve your driving comfort.

Can I obscure the car's windows?

Yes, it is possible to obscure the windows of any car, the operation is safe and legal.
At Microstudio, we only install approved, high quality films and issue the warranty certificate. In this way, your vehicle will not be at risk of penalties and surprises with insurance, you must know that installing a film that is not approved may lead to the seizure of the vehicle.
The films we sell are exclusively produced in Europe or America.

Advantages of the use of sunblocking films with sun protection

Tinted windows offer different advantages by shielding the sun's rays, helping to preserve the car's interior from aging, protecting your children from UVA and UVB rays and increasing your privacy, protecting you from the prying eyes of curious or evil-minded people.
The darkening of the windows of the car and the rear window significantly enhances the driving comfort by reducing the intensity of light and heat, thus helping the air conditioner to cool the car.

Car window obscuring with film, in Treviso, Padua, Venice, Vicenza, Belluno

Our films are installed by highly specialized personnel.
Microstudio installs sun protection films in Treviso, Padua, Venice, Belluno and throughout Veneto, guaranteeing perfect and long-lasting installations, a wide range of colors and products complete the service.

Window Film Blinder MINI Countryman

Pellicole oscuranti vetri MINI

Blackout film on Mini side and rear windows.
These films, in addition to creating a "privacy" effect on the car, reduce the internal heating in the hottest months.

Cabrio automotive film

Pellicola oscurante vetri auto

Application darkening film on glass of a bmw hard top convertible.

The films were checked after a week to verify their perfect installation.

Audi A6 automotive film

Audi A6 automotive film

Installation of automotivi dark film, Privacy effect on the Audi A6. This film was previously thermoformed and then applied, ensuring protection from the sun's rays in the warmer months.

One Way glass film

One Way glass film

In the case of cars such as the smart, with polycarbonate rear side windows, blackout films can not be applied. The solution adopted in this case was therefore to apply one way film with black glue from the inside.

Blackout film with decoration

Blackout film with decoration

Application of blackout film with opaque black graphics on the rear window Pontiac Firebird. This film, in addition to creating a "privacy" effect on the car, decreases the internal heating in the warmer months.

Auto Darkening Window Film

Auto Darkening Window Film

Application of blackout film on the side and rear glasses Smart. These films, in addition to creating a "privacy" effect on the car, reduce its internal heating in the hottest months.

Window Film Blinder + Print

Blind film windows van and print

Application of automotive window film on side and rear van's windows. After applying the blackout films internally, external adhesive labels were applied to advertise this vehicle.