Companies, shops, public offices, construction sites and in general any commercial activity or service to the citizen, need clear and effective indications. In this area, the signs certainly offer a practical solution and give immediate visibility to your products, Microstudio thanks to its Graphic Studio offers for over 50 years the most suitable solutions to ensure that your business progresses and consolidates in the market.

Shipyards often need more attention, in fact Microstudio has for many years been the image partners of many of the most successful construction companies in the Treviso area and beyond.

Sign for building renovation

Among our signage products we have outdoor signs, available in different sizes, sheet metal, PVC sheet, aluminum all resistant to different weather conditions such as rain and frost.


10 mm sandwich panel

10 mm sandwich panel

High resolution digital printing on Avery® Cast 1000 Series support, with Avery® Dol 1000 protection and 1cm sandwich panel application. The result obtained is comparable to a photographic quality.

3mm PVC panels, signs

3mm PVC panels

Signboards, exhibition stand

Protected digital printing on Avery® support and application on 3mm Forex rigid panels for placement on the exhibition stand.

3mm Colored PVC panels

For your exhibitions, the colored PVC panel is ideal for decorating small and large spaces and giving liveliness.

The panel can be colored or white and we decorate it with pre-spaced or digital print on adhesive.


Giardinaggo Consorzio agrario Treviso

If you need to publish your business, propose a new product or promote a new item, the temporary advertising signs are the ideal solution.


Billboards: Customer Finextra


Do you have a business? Do you work in a building site? Surely you will have identified yourself.
The building site signposted here for the Finextra customer, combines visibility and aesthetic taste.
3mm aluminum dibond sheet material with four-color printing.

Sign - Large format panel

Large format panel

Design, printing and paneling of a panel made of Forex in size 150 x 250 cm with Avery® 2000 film with satin protection to eliminate direct reflections of sunlight for better visibility.