Car Wrapping | Vehicle coating with adhesive film

What is Car Wrapping?


Car Wrapping

The Car Wrapping is a technique that allows you to coat with adhesive film, any type of vehicle: cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, trains etc ... The films are made mainly of PVC, material that allows you to be shaped on the shape of your car, the most widespread color is opaque black and opaque white, however the market today offers innumerable shades of color. But it did not end here!
More and more feet are taking the special finishes: Chrome, leather, leather, pearly white, carbon, gunmetal gray and many colored metallic finishes.

Is Car Wrapping cheap?

Car wrapping, generally, is cheaper than painting, easily reversible (facilitating the sale of the vehicle), protects the body and preserves the original color from smears and scratches. Our staff is highly specialized, and has absolute mastery of this technique of car coating with adhesive films.

How much Car Wrapping?

Prices range from a thousand euros to wrap a small car, about 1200 € up to 1400 € a medium-sized car, up to 1800 - 2000 € for larger cars, but prices can go up a lot in case of coatings with metallized films or for car wrapping performed on custom-built cars.

Wrapping Cars, Motorcycles, Boats in Treviso, Padua, Venice and Belluno

Car Wrapping literally translated means "car coating", is mainly realized with adhesive films, in recent years, has reached levels even if not for certain aspects superior to painting, just think of the fact that when you "tired", or sells the car, just remove the adhesive by restoring the body.

The car wrapping films protect the bodywork, moreover the process is completely REVERSIBLE.
Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Ford, Fiat, Lancia, Ferrari, Volkswagen, Porsche, Lotus, Smart and more, furniture, doors, fridges, windows, walls, scooters, motorcycles, boats and planes!

Microstudio has been using Car Wrapping films in Treviso since 1961, since then we have covered almost everything.

Car wrapping Treviso Padova Venezia Vicenza Belluno

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Total Wrapping

Total Wrapping

It consists of the FULL covering of the vehicle body, including the interior door, the frame frame visible with the door open and the parts around the tailgate.

Special Wrapping

Wrap auto a Treviso

Great news are the wrapping films of the car, with a special finish, already adopted by some car manufacturers for standard cars. Some examples are Carbon, Matt Black, Chromed, Crocodile skin, Wood Effect and many other wrapping finishes.


Wrapping Fiat 500

Give life to your car, renew it with decorations, logos, details and more. Submit your idea and we will find the best solution to make it happen.

Camouflage Car Wrapping - Customized Camouflage for your car

Personalizzazione veicoli con pellicola stampata mimetico opaco

Customized camouflage wrapping is a standard service offered by Microstudio thanks to our graphic studio.

Camouglage Car Wrapping customized

Each car model is different, so to perform camouflage wrapping, it is necessary to draw and print the "camo" stains to measure, in this way your car will be unique and the camouflage film will adapt perfectly to the car's shapes, "stains camouflage "contigue without interruptions on the whole body.

Car Wrapping ?
We do it better !


car wrapping bicolore VW T6 Caravelle Treviso

How transform your VW T6 into the vehicle of your dreams ! Here, you can see the VolksWagen T6.1 after our car wrapping with 3M adhesive films.


wrapping moto scooter vespa

It was a normal day of work,
the phone rings, "Microstudio Buongiorno",
at the other end of the phone a voice, it was a young woman, it was euphoria,
slowly I begin to understand, says he is about to get married and would like to give the future husband a dream ...


wrapping mercedes classe A grigio opacoMercedes Classe A - Matte Metallic Charcoal

Mercedes Classe A, a young car that lends itself well to wrap with adhesive film, the film Avery Supreme has made it unique and captivating.


Car Wrapping BMW M4 | Metallic matte black

Using the film car coating technique, we have covered this BMW M4, entirely (including the interior doors) with one of the best films dedicated to cars wrap on the market: the Hexis black matte metallic film ...


Wrapping camouflage - BMW GS 1150

The BMW GS 1150 Adventure is perhaps the most classic of BMW motorcycles, the GS series has indeed changed the way many bikers travel.
This amazing BMW motorcycle deserved special treatment, worthy of its elegance, to do so we applied the film Avery wrapping supreme ...


Car Wrapping Treviso | Porsche Carrerra 911

Improving an already beautiful Porsche Carrera 997 is not an easy task!

But the final result of this Complete wrap is nothing short of amazing!

The coating in adhesive film wrapping the entire body of the car was achieved through the use of specific film for car wrapping of titanium brushed color.


Wrapping Moto BMW R1200 GS Carbon Fiber

Not just cars, planes or boats, but also motorcycles.

The wrapping knows no limits, the only real limit is the imagination, the one that we do not lack.

This BMW R1200 GS has been coated in only a few details with a special carbon-effect adhesive film.


Alfa Romeo 4C wrapping with anti-stone and carbon fiber

If you love your car and you want to protect it from scratches, pebbles and more; there are anti-slip protective films for transparent cars.
The transparent protective films for cars, allow to protect the body from the wear of time without altering the original color.


union jack

This amazing mini car is "English style" and deserved special treatment!
Why not stand out with a union jack on the roof?
So we created a black and white adhesive decoration, a version of the union jack in shades of gray.


car stripes mini

Do you want to make sporty for your car?
Microstudio offers you the possibility to customize your car with car stripes in the color and width you prefer.


Car Wrapping Porsche Panamera Treviso

Car Wrapping | Panamera Porsche Panamera with high performance Hexis film with ColorFlow Green water - blue.


Fiat 500 abarth twin color

If you like sports cars too, you will appreciate the personalization of this two-color Fiat 500 Abarth.


Car Wrapping Treviso fiat Panda

This external and internal coating, with opaque green military film for this new FIAT Panda is like the cheese on macaroni.


Wrapping Boat | Yacht Tender

Naumatec, a brand that does not need any introduction in the nautical world, we have proudly participated in improving, covering this beautiful boat, more precisely a luxury Tender.


Customize mini contryman

The personalization (wrapping) of this mini contry-man in some details such as, the roof, the headlight contour, the arrows and the wheel span, has made it very appealing and jaunty,


Wrapping coccodrillo Treviso

Integral covering made with Crocodile effect film for the bodywork of this Lancia Y, while the hood has been "wrapped" with gold-colored film.


Car Wrapping Treviso Bmw Z4

We have covered this wonderful BMW Z4, completely with opaque black film, a total wrapping for a decisive and captivating look that immediately captures intrigued looks.


Car Wrapping Ferrari F458 Treviso

The Car Wrapping with adhesive films has reached in recent years comparable levels and in some respects superior to the painting, you just think that when you "get tired" or decide to sell the vehicle will simply remove the adhesive thus restoring the original body.


Car Wrapping Mercedes Treviso

The wrap of this flagship of the Mercedes house, was made entirely with opaque black film, carefully chosen among the best brands on the market, because of its characteristics of strength and "true opaque" effect almost rubberized.


Car Wrapping Audi A8 Treviso

The wrapping of this beautiful Audi A8 has been realized with long-lasting matte black film, as well as giving it an aggressive and renewed look, it protects the bodywork and the original paint of the vehicle, thus maintaining its market value.


Car Wrapping van Treviso

Fiat ducato Microstudio wrap van with matte black film, graphic processing, printing and design. The van was completely covered with a long-lasting opaque film, afterwards the writing was always black, but shiny, which create an amazing effect.


Car Wrapping Camouflage Treviso

A unique, fashionable car, made in the smallest details, a 4-color graphic chosen by the customer, a cell covered in matt black.
The camouflage wrapping for this Smart camouflage has been taken care of in the smallest details by the coating (wrapping) of the internal parts of the doors to the covering of all visible parts in order to cover the original paint.

All this for a result without compromise.


Airplane Wrapping Treviso

Wrapping on an Airplane! A perfect example of what can be done with adhesive films.

A wooden plane completely covered with adhesive film, meticulous attention to detail and personalized lettering.

All this for a result without compromise.


Scooter Suzuki wrapping treviso

SUZUKI SCOOTER covered with AVERY white matte adhesive film. The base vehicle was gray, it was then coated with white film, wrapping performed seamlessly visible.


Car Wrapping Mercedes ML Treviso

A car without compromise to say the least spectacular, this coating with glossy red adhesive film, has transformed it into a SUV unique in its kind and gives it still (if possible) more oomph, moreover integrating perfectly respecting the forms.


car Wrapping Ypsilon Treviso

This New Lancia Y has been covered in the upper part with a film Crocodile Effect, so as to make it very elegant and special with this two-tone effect. Another detail is given by the coating of the pins of the circles with the same film Crocodile.


wrapping Smart matte white

This SMART has been completely coated with opaque white adhesive film, carefully chosen among the best brands on the market, because of its characteristics of resistance and "true opaque" effect, almost rubberized, the rims have been painted.


Car Wrapping Treviso - Lotus Elise

This car of hers has been wrapped in a way that makes it look even more like a racing car than before. With the two stripes that run from the bonnet to the rear bumper. A unique design and at the same time fascinating for its simplicity.


Wrapping Scooter matte black

Wrapping  Scooter Treviso - matte black Scooter T-Max

This T-max has been completely covered in matt black film, including mirrors, grab bars and fairings.

Car Wrapping Treviso - Chrysler 300 C

A beautiful and elegant Chrysler 300 C covered with velvet black thanks to the "wrap" films, protects the body and, unlike the opaque painting, the film is much more resistant.


wrapping motocross Treviso

Wrapping Motard of this wonderful cross bike we are talking about, personalized with unique stickers to make it a track motard. A completely new aspect that makes it much more competitive.


Wrapping Porsche Cayenne Blue and Titanio

This Porsche Cayenne has been covered from top to bottom with two different 3M wrapping films, respectively opaque metallic blue and brushed titanium is a winning combination that has made it a unique car of its kind.


Advertising decoration on fiat 500

Advertising decoration on fiat 500

Graphic study, cutting and application of this particular graphic on fiat 500, the film used is a long-lasting glossy AVERY 900.