Car Wrapping VW Caravelle T6 | Pellicola 3M Bicolore

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car wrapping bicolore VW T6 Caravelle Treviso
Car Wrapping

Wrapping VolksWagen Caravelle - Bicolour | Carbon look

Produced as a van (T1 in 1949, then T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 and today T6.1), this van, which over the years has become one of the most versatile means of transport ever, dozens of versions are produced , truck, camper, car, now even electric, for business, sport or time to spare;
However, this model of the German house in particular, aesthetically has a feature that makes it unique:

Lends itself perfectly to be customized and improved with adhesive films, obtaining that harmony in the shapes and colors that the vehicle lacks with the standard color, to the point of becoming "iconic"!

Bicolor wrapping with 3M films - Orange | Grey

You can admire the new VW T6.1 after our wrapping with car-specific 3M adhesive films.

Immediately, the customer's request had been clear, the vehicle had to appear colorful and balanced, not excessive at all!

But there was one obstacle to overcome, reliable, comfortable and tasteful T6, had a limit: it was all white!

It looked like an anonymous Transporter van (from which it derives for other) ...

after a careful and precise design (complete with graphic drafts and renderings), today thanks to the combination of the colors we have chosen with the owner, the VW T6.1 has a pleasantly retro style, great elegance with that pinch of charm and positive energy, which only color can give to a car!

To reach this, we used the best car wrapping films available on the market: 3M 1080: "G364 Gloss Fiery Orange" (metallic Orange) and "CFS201 Carbon Fiber Anthracite" (Gray) ”.

Microstudio | Car Wrapping sice 1960.


wrapping VW T6 caravelle Italy Customization Volkswagen Caravelle Italy Car Wrapping Bicolour VolksWagen Caravelle VolksWagen Caravelle T6.1 Car Wrapping Orange and Gray Carbon Look
Wrapping minivan VW T6 Bicoloured Car Wrapping Bicolour VolksWagen Caravelle Detail VW Caravelle Wrapping Orange and Gray Carbon Film VW T6 Car Wrapping Bicolour
Work in progress, car wrapping VW Caravelle Treviso, Italy Microstudio Treviso Wrapping VolksWagen Caravelle Bicolour
Car Wrapping Bicolore VW CARAVELLE T6 with 3M Orange, Gray Carbon Look.

Car Wrapping

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