Corporate graphic design and advertising structures

Graphic Studio Treviso | Microstudio advertising, born in 1961 by the will of Arturo Roitero, originally the Graphic Studio had the Calmaggiore headquarters in the historic center of Treviso, today as then Microstudio is GRAPHIC STUDIO in Treviso, over the years the reality has changed a lot and for meeting the needs of its customers Microstudio advertising has moved several times. Today our structure allows us not only to deal with advertising graphics, but we are able to provide all forms of advertising, digital printing, panels with road signs, signs, vehicle decoration, advertising totems, illuminated signs, are just some of the countless articles that we can propose.

Identifying a company through a logo or a text immediately linked to it is not easy: a Graphic Studio to get a good result must necessarily, first of all, know well the reality that will "face" or better to promote. Precisely for this reason, before starting the ideation, our Graphic Studio Treviso has been organizing one or more meetings with the customer (in Treviso at Microstudio or at home), to fully understand the needs and expectations of its client.

In a subsequent moment a first graphic draft will be realized, which often still today, is made by hand and then subsequently digitized on the computer. The following phases will be of arrangement, coloring, adaptation of the advertising graphics and final layout; we will then provide the client with the final advertising and graphic result. Microstudio 1961 - 2016 Graphic studio Treviso

Graphic study, Hydraulic company brand.

logo carnio de marchi

Graphic study, of company logo for a plumbing firm.

Graphic advertising cloth sheet

baiablu bonsai

Graphic Studio for advertising cloth to be affixed to the beach for this fitness center. The original photo has been retouched in such a way as to make evident the logos and with the play of lights / shadows the texts have been highlighted.

Graphic study of advertising flyers

Graphic study of advertising flyers

Graphic study, and printing of two-sided advertising flyers for advertising of new offers for Driver's Driver School.

Graphic Studio Business Card

Graphic Studio Business Card

Graphic study, for realization and printing of business card for the company Moro brothers

Company Logo - Graphic Studio

hair salon logo

Graphic studio, of company Logo for a hair salon in Treviso. With the same graphics, we design and built the sign.

Designing plaque outside the door

Designing plaque outside the door

Graphic studio, planning and printing of a Plexiglass license plate for Viktoria Consulting agency.

Totem graphic design

Totem graphic design

Graphic design and design of luminous totems for G&D Cucine, the design includes dimensions, graphics and design of the totem structure, as well as a specific study for the subsequent realization of the project.

Wallpaper graphic design

Wallpaper graphic design

Graphic Studio realization and printing of customized and customized wallpaper, for clothing store.

Company logo - Dental office

Logo aziendale studio zermoglio

Graphic study of a company logo for a dental practice.

Open day poster Mobili Crosato

grafica locandina crosato

Graphic study of poster for Open day Mobili Crosato. Studio image, graphic design and search for photos and images.

Coordinated image Carraretto Casa

Coordinated image Carraretto Casa

Graphic study of advertising campaign for the promotion of Carraretto casa, with the aforementioned graphics we have realized banners in pvc, posters in paper 6m x 4mt, and advertising stickers to be applied in the buses of Treviso.

Graphic design restyling teaches

Ideazione grafica, restyling insegna

graphic ideation for re-styling existing luminous sign. The current logo (Corò) has been retained, replacing it in a modern context, incorporating square shapes with oval shapes such as the one of the banner.

Graphic study of Flyer for Water & Flour, for promotion.  Studio image, graphic design and search for photos and images.

Graphic study of Flyer for Water & Flour, for promotion.

Studio image, graphic design and search for photos and images.