allestimento pubblicitario fiere eventi mostre

Allestimenti e realizzazioni Pubblicitarie per
Fiere, Eventi aziendali e Mostre

The corporate events are they fairs, therefore trade fairs or exhibitions, art, photography or other, need to be advertised to the fullest.
Since 1960 we Microstudio, we take care to promote your events, fairs, exhibitions providing a series of specific products and services to ensure that your events are a success.

Over 5 years of experience allow us to recommend and propose the best solutions, we produce practically everything for advertising:

printed stickers, pre-spaced using only the best brands of pellicle (3M, Avery, Hexis, LG just to name a few), then we deal with advertising cloths, printed panels, advertising prints, custom printed carpets, large sheets, advertising banners , totems and advertising banners and much more.

Know-how, is our strong point, decades of experience, allow us to better advise you in the promotion of your events, fairs or exhibitions that are, in addition to the graphic design, in fact, we install everything we produce.

Our goal is to ensure that the final result is the best possible.

Below you will find photos and descriptions of some interventions performed by us:

advertising and stand decorations

Stand advertising stand, Borgomolino Vinitaly fair. Print and apply panels and stickers on stand walls.


Internal advertising exhibition COLFERTexpo, Pala Expo Venezia fairs, outdoor advertising signs for the event.


Exhibition stand

We realize decorations for trade fair stands in Forex decorated with digital printing on adhesive film.

In the picture an example of high quality printing on Avery® film with application on 5 mm Forex panels.


Portable stand

Pop-Up (Portable Stand) aluminum frame with self-locking frame, easily foldable in a few moments and transportable in the comfortable rigid case with wheels between the seats of Padua, Mestre.


Inflatable Advertising Arch

This Advertising balloon Arch, is perfect to make visible the entrance of fairs, sporting events or corporate events, also excellent as an arrival portal for sports competitions, marathons, cycling races, etc.