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Advertising exhibition COLFERTexpo 2017 - Pala Expo Venice events

allestimento pubblicitario fiera evento COLFERTexpo 2017

The Pala Expo Venice, hosted the COLFERTEXPO 2017 from September 29th to October 1st, the three days in Venice has been full of satisfactions, not only for COLFERT (professionals in the components and finished products that make up the window) but also for us at MICROSTUDIO We are indeed proud to have been crucial to ensure that the 2017 edition is remembered by everyone as the record edition.

Colfert is one of the historical Customers for us (for 50 years), a dynamic company attentive to the market evolution, precise and demanding, in fact, the task assigned to us was arduous, the times set off, high expectations!
But five decades of collaboration have meant that the goal was clear from the beginning: the philosophy and values "COLFERT" had to be expressed and communicated to the fullest!

Choice of materials, colors, sticker printing and banners for the event

Who has experience in printing, knows that some colors more than others, are not reproducible at best on all media, this is the case of "positive yellow" (as we love to call them), the pantone 1035 is indeed for employees to work a real headache, it is indeed very difficult if not impossible to get it in digital print on stickers and banner ads.

Above the Colfert stand, positioned at the center of the ExpoVenice pavilion, it was necessary to create 4 advertising parallelepipeds suspended at 3 meters from the ground, 2.5 meters high, 1 mt wide and set at more than 14 meters high, (these were the smallest). the 4 biggest ones were a real challenge: the parallelepipeds had to embrace the huge columns of the PALA ExpoVenice, their size could have created several headaches, 6m in height, 1.5m in side, installed at 5m in height and also fixed on the ceiling, the elements also had to be beautiful, reusable, easy to install and not even to say, the right color ...

In a short time, we found the most suitable solution, after a careful inspection and an evaluation of the weights involved, we realized PVC advertising sheets in paste, that is not printed but a fabric of the right color, welded with sleeve on the head and weight in steel underneath (to guarantee the correct tension) decorated with black and white prespaced stickers, the positioning would then be guaranteed by an aluminum sling (to which the chains were fixed), this structure would then allow the anchorage to ceiling beams.

teli pubblicitari installati su stand fieristico teli pubblicitari in pvc  per fiere, mostre ed eventi


allestimento adesivo pubblicitario adesivi per pareti divisorie stand

The use of lifting platforms and our technical know-how, finally allowed the whole operation to take place in just one day.
VALUES, PHILOSOPHY and MISSION Colfert have made a good show of themselves for the whole three days of COLFERTexpo 2017, then the use of printed and carved vinyl (pre-spaced) applied on the advertising panels of the Colfert stand, has completed the preparation illustrating products and news.

The success of the event also contributed to the signage banners complete with poles and pole fixing straps, made of yellow / black two-tone PVC tarpaulin, applied to the external lampposts of the PalaExpo, these indications were fundamental in allowing to reach the entrance of the COLFERTexpo2017 by the thousands of visitors, a large advertising sheet 12 x 7.5 meters, on the east façade of the building and a 4 x 1 meter sign above the entrance, immersed the whole district in the "Positive Yellow Colfert" fair, making the PalaExpo of Venice the ideal venue for the eighth edition of COLFERTexpo.

stendardo pubblicitario per fiere ed eventi stendardi e teli pubblicitari per palo fiera evento aziendale

moquette stampata personalizzata per stand fieristico telo stampato stand fiera evento pala expo venezia

Particularly satisfaction from the printed carpet that we have provided for the occasion, the entrance tunnel 12 meters long by 4 meters wide, now had its "time-line" the path along which Colfert customers and suppliers were able to retrace the 50 years of company history, through the salient dates and some pictures of the repertoire on display.



COLFERTexpo2017 was the perfect opportunity for the company to celebrate its first 50 years of activity, we at MICROSTUDIO, we are pleased to have helped to make sure that the event was a success.
Finally, before leaving you to the photos of the realization, we express our congratulations for the results, hoping to be chosen as a "partner" for the 2019 edition.

telo pubblicitario installato su pala expo di venezia con adesivi prespaziati stendardi pubblicitari per ingresso pala expo di Venezia pannello insegna pubblicitaria ingresso pala expo venezia installazione striscioni e teli su colonne pala expo di Venezia allestimento pubblicitario stand aziendale per fiera Venezia. telo pubblicitario ingersso stand pala expo di Venezia adesivi per pannelli fiera evento produzione adesivi per pannelli laminato alltestimenti pubblicitari a cubo copri colonna adesivi per espositori pubblicitari fiera pannelli pubblicitari per fiera evento decorazione stand pubblicitario allestimenti pubblicitari fiere luigi zanato presidente colfert fotografato nello stand colfert pubblicitario realizzato da microstudio pubblicità adesivi pubblicitari per fiere eventi mostre

microstudio allestimento pubblicitari per eventi e stand