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Wrapping Porsche Cayenne Blue and Titanio

The wrapping of this Porsche Cayenne was achieved by wrapping the car from top to bottom using two different 3M wrapping films, respectively opaque metallic blue and brushed titanium is a winning combination that has made it a unique car of its kind.

The median part between the rear windows and the rear window has been left deliberately of the original color in order to create an optical connection between the windows and the rear, in this way the wrapping is much more fluid and well connected by highlighting the shapes of the Car Wrapping Treviso - Porsche Cayenne.


Car Wrapping Treviso - Porsche CayenneCar Wrapping Treviso - Porsche CayenneCar Wrapping Treviso - Porsche Cayenne Blu e TitanioPorche Cayenne vista lateralewrapping Porsche Cayenne TrevisoCar Wrapping Treviso - Porsche Cayenne