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Wrapping Treviso | Porsche Carrerra 911

Improving an already beautiful Porsche Carrera 997 is not an easy task!

But the final result of this Complete wrap is nothing short of amazing!

3M film 

The bonnet was covered with 3M carbon fiber black wrapping film, while the body was wrapped with 3M Titanium Brushed film.


The car was lifted with a scissor lift, disassembled in the bumpers, grilles and various profiles, decorated in a meticulous way, reassembled with care.

Nothing has been left to chance, for example the rear factory writings have not been removed, but carefully cut without touching the same body ola so as not to jeopardize the adhesive, the handles have been disassembled and decorated with the same 3M film Titanium of the rest of the Porsche 997.

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