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company van decoration

  • Advertising decoration van - Treviso

    Advertising decoration van - Treviso

    Advertising a van greatly increases the visibility of your customers and their neighbors, thus giving the opportunity to expand your business in areas already served by the delivery service, thus optimizing costs and earnings.
    For this Mercedes Sprinter, a graphic of impact, well integrated harmonious and vivid colors, have allowed the replacement of the previously performed decoration (from another graphic company with little duration in time) giving it a great aesthetic result.

  • Fiat fiorino decoration

    Fiat fiorino decoration

    An attentive customer, a communication agency with precise and capable graphics, we have "only" touched on the task of transforming into reality, adapting to the shapes of this capacious Fiat Fiorino an advertising graphic with attention to detail.

  • Van advertising decoration

    Thanks to modern technologies and the best adhesive films for cars it has been possible to realize the advertising decoration of this van.

  • Advertise truck Finextra

    Advertise truck sprinter

    Graphic study, carving and application of company logo and data on Mercedes Sprinter trucks. The logo has been carved on a film of black and red with a glossy Avery® 900 finish that lasts a long time.

  • Colfert van advertising

    Colfert van advertising

    Advertising, decoration and graphic design of the company truck, the vehicle was made of pre-spaced with long-lasting AVERY 900 films, subsequently applied to the vehicle.

  • Pre-spaced Stickers

    Pellicola prespaziata

    Do you want to introduce your company? The first step is to decorate your vehicles with the company logo.

    Thanks to the pre-spaced films it was possible to create an advertising graphic for this van.

  • Van with digital printing

    Van with digital printing

    Graphic study and advertising of the Mercedes Sprinter for Finextra. The graphics have been realized on Avery® 900 glossy finish film with long durability, printed in four colors and cut in pre-spaced

  • Pre-spaced Adhesive for van

    Pre-spaced Adhesive for van

    Graphic study, carving and application of company logo and data on Fiat Ducato van. The logo has been carved on a Gold film with Avery® 900 glossy finish that lasts a long time.

  • Advertising decoration van - FIAT Doblò

    Advertising decoration van

    Graphic elaboration, printing and application of the same on company vehicle, Fiat Doblò. Graphic design, carving and application of logos and company information on this Doblò fiat.

  • Van advertising

    Van advertising

    The advertising of this van will make the brand known every time it goes to make a delivery.

    A striking graphic was created with the company logo on display to better identify the company.

  • Citroen Picasso advertising

    Borgomolino car advertising

    Printing and application of adhesive film on Citroen Picasso. Carving and application of company logos and information, made with Cast film and long-lasting Cast protection.

  • Citroen Jumper Van Advertising Decoration

    Citroen Jumper Van Advertising Decoration | Treviso

    Van vehicle decoration

    Bicycle Line contact our Graphic Studio for van design.

  • Pre-spaced stickers

    Pre-spaced stickers

    Advertising of Colfert company van (Mercedes). The advertising graphics were made on long-lasting Black and White film.