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Advertising decoration van - Treviso

Why advertise your van and your company fleet?

Advertising a van greatly increases the visibility of your customers and their neighbors, thus giving the opportunity to expand your business in areas already served by the delivery service, thus optimizing costs and earnings.

The importance of graphic design for the advertising decoration of the vehicle

To decorate the Mercedes Sprinter van, an impact graphic, well-integrated harmonious and vivid colors, have allowed the replacement of the previously performed decoration (from another company with limited durability) giving it a great aesthetic result.

A scrupulous graphic design, the use of long-lasting adhesives, a decoration with attention to the smallest details, have resulted in an advertising medium in step with the times.

Strengths of the decoration commercial vehicles

  • Clear identification of the company and the company logo.

  • Great visibility, even with a decoration contained in the dimensions.

  • Possibility of complete covering, in order to exploit the entire surface of the vehicle.

Better a total decoration?

Often we see vehicles on which an integral film has been applied, not giving importance to the graphic study, limiting itself to applying an image inherent to the activity that totally covers the entire vehicle. This procedure, although it gives great visual impact, is not always the best solution, in fact a well-made decoration of vehicles and vans, must take into account the proportions between text and images and where it is applied,
this van, Mercedes Sprinter, is a clear example of the fact that it is not necessary to cover the whole vehicle to have a great visual impact.

The van presented a dated advertising graphic, but after a careful graphic study it has been brought back to life with new advertising graphics for vans.
The decorations on this company vehicle (van decoration) were realized, partly with adhesive pre-spaced films and partly printed with high-quality digital technology.

Thanks to high quality digital printing, there is no longer any limitation to vehicle decorations, if not fantasy.

decorazione pubblicitaria su furgone decorazione automezzi aziendali