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3D Letters and sign boards

The embossed three-dimensional letters can be installed inside or outside, they are available in various materials like: polystyrene, pvc, plexiglass, steel ... in various thicknesses starting from a few millimeters to tens of centimeters.

The advantage of the large shaped letters in polystyrene lies in the extreme ease of installation on walls and ceilings thanks to their reduced weight.
Plexiglass letters are available in various colors and finishes, it is also possible to print textures that can not be realized with paints, such as relief effects and glossy or matt spot finishes.

The embossed 3D signs can be used to decorate the interiors of sales points, offices, commercial sign boards, exhibition spaces, stands and more.

Below you will find only some of our works:

  • 3D polystyrene sign board letters

    3D polystyrene sign board letters

    This is something really special, a 3D sign of polystyrene, which projects the shadow on the floor.

    The idea of Luca Facchini (UbisThree), come from the need to furnish the reception of IDEAL, a leading company in the sector of eyewear components....