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3D polystyrene sign board letters

Here is something really special, born from the creativity of Luca Facchini (UbisThree), the basic idea was to furnish the reception of IDEAL, a leading company in the sector of eyewear components, with a sign in 3D letters of polystyrene that projected the shadow on the floor.

The request : 5 big 3D letters in painted polystyrene had to be hung from the ceiling and to the floor had to "come to life" an always legible writing to simulate the shadow; the fact that behind the letters there is the large entrance window, would have made the scenography realistic.

As the graphic project was submitted to us, it was clear from the first meeting, that the real problem to be solved, was that the shaped letters had to be interconnected by cables and then suspended.

The question, however, was how to ensure that the same could go inside and at the same time be anchored to the letters supporting them in the right position.

The solution we found made it possible to do everything simply and with an aesthetic result without compromise:

to allow the balancing of the weights, we made two complete writings, we then joined them by placing the cables inside, this allowed the perfect balance of the weights, the three-dimensional writing in expanded polystyrene shows off in the reception of the company.

But that's not all, the installation has been made realistic, by the application of an adhesive inscription on the floor, which simulates the shadow of the light coming from the large windows, the result is before your eyes, the company entrance is now personalized with the big three-dimensional writing (company logo), the advertising installation gives its best seen from the staircase that leads to the upper floor.

Microstudio thanks Luca Facchini, for the thirty-year trust placed in us!