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decorating company car

  • advertising design | MINI Cabrio

    advertising design mini cabrio - Microstudio Treviso | Roby Marton

    Our task is to make the "dreams" (or at least those of our customers) become reality!
    We, in Microstudio, have been doing it every day for 55 years!
    We try to do it at best by giving 100%, but it is stressful, as all the jobs you say, of course it is true, but sometimes the perfect combination happens...

  • Fiat 500 advertising decoration

    fiat 500 advertising decoration

    A popular car (Fiat 500), a historic real estate agency, a perfect combination for a successful project.
    Essentiality is the guideline of the decoration of this company car.

  • Reproduction stickers for historical cars

    Advertising decoration - historical cars

    Two beautiful historical cars prepared for the famous 1000 miles.
    Here's what we decorated this time.
    For these two cars it was decided for a simple, but high-impact decorative graphics.

  • Wrapping Fiat 500

    advertising car wrapping Fiat 500

    Advertising wrapping - Fiat 500

    From the idea of the graphic studio "Playroom", one of the most elaborate and striking decorations ever made by Microstudio on a car is born.

  • Adhesive advertising for cars

    Scritte prespaziate

    You have opened a new business and you do not know how to let you know?
    In addition to the classic advertising proposals, it is possible to decorate vehicles, not just vans, but also cars.

  • Wrapping and pre-spaced film

    Wrapping and pre-spaced film

    Graphic design, carving and application of logo and company information on this Smart® Fortwo.

  • One-Way and print

    Taxi advertising

    Taxi advertising

    The decoration of this special vehicle used as a Taxi took place in different phases: graphic study, digital printing, carving and application of various types of film.

  • Printed and pre-spaced film

    Elaborazione grafica, stampa e applicazione su Smart Fortwo

    Graphic elaboration, printing and application of the same on Smart Fortwo.
    The union of the photograph of a bend of the river Sile, combined with a modern but at the same time simple graphic, give a result of strong aesthetic impact.

  • Advertising decoration on fiat 500

    Advertising decoration on fiat 500

    Graphic study, cutting and application of this particular graphic on fiat 500, the film used is a long-lasting glossy AVERY 900.

  • Seat ibiza decoration

    Seat ibiza decoration colfert

    Graphic study, carving and application of company logo on seat ibiza. The logo has been carved on Avery® 900 Black and Yellow film with a glossy finish that lasts a long time.

  • Car decoration Fishdog

    car advertizing

    Graphic elaboration, printing and application on Smart Fortwo.
    Carving and application of company logo and information on this Smart® Fortwo. The car was made with Avery® 900 long-life polymer film.

  • Car decoration Affitti subito

    Car decoration

    Graphic elaboration, printing and application on Smart Fortwo Cabrio.
    Intaglio and application of logo and company information on this Smart® Fortwo.
    The car was coated in the side bands and in the front mask with a long-lasting Avery® 900 polymer orange film thermoforming it, then the logo and the lettering were applied.

  • Decorazione auto - Fiat 500

    Car Advertising | Treviso

    Car Advertising - Fiat 500

    This marvelous example of car decoration is born from the graphic idea of "Bolognino Comunicazione".

    We realized this project, carving and applying the film on this Fiat 500. The back was completely covered in Avery® Series 900 yellow, and in every part shifted to prevent any detachment.