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Motorcycle Wrapping - Customize your bike making it unique

Wrapping is the best way to personalize your bike by coating it with adhesive film
These are just some examples of wrapping bikes made by us, we also invite you to visit the gallery AUTO and BOATS and AIRPLANES.

  • Vespa Piaggio opaque camouflage print

    wrapping moto scooter vespa

    It was a normal day of work,
    the phone rings, "Microstudio Buongiorno",
    at the other end of the phone a voice, it was a young woman, it was euphoria,
    slowly I begin to understand, says he is about to get married and would like to give the future husband a dream...

  • Wrapping camouflage - BMW GS 1150

    Wrapping camouflage - BMW GS 1150

    The BMW GS 1150 Adventure is perhaps the most classic of BMW motorcycles, the GS series has indeed changed the way many bikers travel.
    This amazing BMW motorcycle deserved special treatment, worthy of its elegance, to do so we applied the film Avery wrapping supreme...

  • Wrapping Moto BMW R1200 GS Carbon Fiber

    Wrapping Moto BMW R1200 GS Carbon Fiber

    Not just cars, planes or boats, but also motorcycles.

    The wrapping knows no limits, the only real limit is the imagination, the one that we do not lack.

    This BMW R1200 GS has been coated in only a few details with a special carbon-effect adhesive film.

  • Wrapping Suzuki white matte

    Scooter Suzuki wrapping treviso

    SUZUKI SCOOTER covered with AVERY white matte adhesive film. The base vehicle was gray, it was then coated with white film, wrapping performed seamlessly visible.

  • Wrapping Scooter matte black

    Wrapping  Scooter Treviso - matte black Scooter T-Max

    This T-max has been completely covered in matt black film, including mirrors, grab bars and fairings.

  • Wrapping Motard

    wrapping motocross Treviso

    Wrapping Motard of this wonderful cross bike we are talking about, personalized with unique stickers to make it a track motard. A completely new aspect that makes it much more competitive.