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microstudioMicrostudio Pubblicità Treviso, is a company founded in 1961 by my father Arturo Roitero.

First graphic study, over time it is specialized in the realization of outdoor advertising going to deal with the production of advertising media for companies in Treviso.
More than fifty-five years of experience allow us to offer today, thanks to new technologies, a number of services and products ranging from luminous signs, advertising of vehicles, shop windows, films for sun protection, advertising banners, signs for construction sites, general signage , exhibitors, aluminum bulletin boards, advertising campaigns, totems, adhesive labels, maxi-billboards and other services mainly based on digital printing.

For the future we set ourselves an ambitious goal, spreading the culture of the image, the foundation of our time, "rich", unfortunately, of futile things. However, we intend to do so in full respect of the values ​​of other times, achieving, while respecting the precise needs of those who trust us, the best visual impact by creating synergies between services and materials, while keeping intact the elegance, minimalism and essentiality in the constructive elements, main characteristics of the winning projects.

With the advent of the "digital age", we realized that visibility on the Internet had become a necessity for everyone, so we decided to include in our personal staff a format in the creation, management, programming and positioning on the engines of search, web sites and portals; today we are able to assist our customers by giving them visibility, both on the web and through traditional means of communication, in this regard our Graphic Studio creates daily, coordinated corporate images, including the design of brands and the creation of commercial logos, then will directly integrate them on various media such as business cards, envelopes, letterheads, vehicles and how high.

The "Roland ™" wide-format eco-solvent printers, thanks also to the printable and non-adhesive printable media, Avery ™, 3M ™, just to mention the main ones, allow us to reproduce your images or photographs, of any kind and / or size on panels for interior furnishings or on your company vehicles, on advertising tarpaulins of all sizes, also allow you to print the street banners on the front / back.

Our technical skills also allow us to find the right advertising solution even for the windows or logos of your stores both from a graphic point of view and from a technical point of view.

We are also installers of energy-saving and protective films with a "privacy" effect and for sun protection, we will evaluate with you all the specific requirements by carrying out inspections on the "site".

Many others are the products and services that we are able to provide, so we invite you to browse our product list (see menu above).

Our intent is to respect our customers, so we will NEVER provide products that are so cheap as to be poor, so we leave room for other companies that make use of poor quality materials practice a policy of lower prices.


Simone Roitero
Microstudio snc