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Light Advertising Totem

One of the ways to give visibility to a company is to install, for example, a bright advertising totem. Microstudio, produces luminous totems for over thirty years.
In this case we designed and built for the "Discoteka La Luna", this two-sided luminous totem with its logo.

Thanks to its height (3 meters), the bifacial totem makes it visible from a greater distance. Inside the bright double-sided totem, there are neon lamps (also available low-consumption LED version) that illuminate the upper part (logo), in order to make the writing even more visible, a masking effect has been created with a covering black film, the final result is that during the night hours only the white writing and the orange moon light up; this technical configuration allows the viewer to focus perfectly on the writing without being dazzled by an annoying white background light.

The materials used for the construction of a totem 3 meters high and 1.4 meters wide are aluminum for the uprights, sheets of alucobond (polythene aluminum composite) for the façades in the lower part (the red one in the picture) and white opal polycarbonate sheet for the part to be illuminated covered with avery® series 900 and 4000 films.

The installation of the same was carried out by a construction company of trust of the customer, who proceeded to perform the excavation according to the paper design guidelines provided by us. This allowed a considerable reduction of costs for the customer, as this artifact was installed in the city of Pristina (Kosovo). The double-sided luminous totem was therefore packed and shipped by positioning the wooden packaging on the long side.

A vast experience gained over the years allows us to find the best solution to improve your visibility.