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Advertising Totem Oversize

This trifacial advertising Totem, massive, impressive and elegant, offers excellent long-distance visibility, making your company a real reference point in the surrounding landscape.

The measurements of the trifacial advertising Totem in the photo are: height 6 meters and width 1.25 meters, to order we can also produce it in a lower height.

Our technical office will take care of the design, construction and installation, moreover, we are able to assist you in the procedures for obtaining the authorizations of the law.

The materials used are: aluminum for the supporting frame, composite aluminum in 3mm sheet for the facades, polycarbonate coated with adhesive film leaving only the letters uncovered, which in the dark are illuminated by a special lighting system with low energy consumption.

The trifacial advertising totem is firmly fixed to the ground by means of a metal cage and anchor bolts in a concrete casting,

the internal lighting system is also available in the illuminated LED version that can be adapted to the most different needs.