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Striscione stradale Treviso
striscione pubblicitario Treviso

Among the events that need to be publicized first of all are festivals, fairs, festivals and other types of local events.

Suoni di Marca is a musical festival that is resquucting more and more success, for years it relies on us as regards advertising through the road banners.

The banner was created through digital printing and pre-spaced stickers. This technique allows to re-use the advertising banner over the years, varying only the few elements that change, such as dates and names of the participants in this case.

Thanks to over 50 years of experience in the installation of advertising road banners we have refined a technique that allows the advertising cloth to remain perfectly stretched and in total safety and this banner in particular, even if hanging on a very wide stretch of road, has no defects in readability.



striscione stradale suoni di marca striscione stradale suoni di marca striscione stradale suoni di marca


Road Banners, PVC Sheets, Mesh mesh

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