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Advertising banner
Road Banners, PVC Sheets, Mesh mesh

Advertising banner - Treviso

An advertising banner, in a special store: Well stocked, with noble values at its base, or to market products coming from the most disadvantaged parts of our world, now more and more "liquid", but also more and more standardized.

The store, although located in a busy street, needed to be highlighted during the Christmas period, to do this we proposed the installation of an advertising cloth, 9 meters long by 90 cm in height, complete with ropes for assembly and tensioning posts, this advertising banner has done its job very well, great visibility, easy installation, simple and quick removal, ready for next year.

Advertising Light Signs

When Altromercato opened, a few years ago, there was the need to place two Luminous signs on the light above the windows, once decided the measures and required the appropriate permissions, we have created and installed the signs that you see in the photos below, not only beautiful and bright, but also certified and CE marked. Installed above the windows, they illuminate the reference brand for eco-friendly purchases in Treviso at night.

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Road Banners, PVC Sheets, Mesh mesh

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