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If a company that wants to personally take care of the home delivery of the products it sells, needs a fleet of vehicles decorated with company logos, applying the right message, will allow the delivery operator to be easily recognized by the customer, in this way it will be easier for him to be welcomed and deliver the goods safely, the customer also being able to make a visual inspection seeing the van, will be reassured about the identity of the person who rings the door.

decorazione furgoni consegna a domicilio adesivi pubblicitari per furgone consegna domicilio
decorazione furgoni per consegna a domicilio decorazione furgoni consegna domicilio con logo aziendale

A van decorated with a corporate image will allow to consolidate the reputation of the "corporate brand", even among the neighbors of those who are already customers, with the consequent benefit in terms of future orders.
For the advertising decoration of these vans, we thought of two types of adhesive, the inscriptions such as company logo, social network icons, and the company data, were made using long-lasting films while for the central part (false windows), being the 'area dedicated to the promotional messages of the moment, we used removable printed film so as to easily replace it by always placing updated messages. The end result is a company vehicle with adhesive lettering, always in step with seasonal products or bearing the message dedicated to the historical moment.
Well, in the photos you see, our client Bardingardencenter, in these days of forced blockage due to contrast covid-19 (March 2020), asked us to customize his company vans to advertise the home delivery service.

decorazione con brand aziendale per furgoni consegna domiciliio